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6 Seater Family Bike
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Our Quadricycles are manufactured from high quality motorcycle parts, for long life reliability in the tough commercial hire markets.

Our Quadricycles include a full weather canopy, four wheel braking, centre foot rests, bell and a road lighting set in order to comply with UK road regulations.

The four seater quadricycle has 17 inch light-weight aluminium rims, making it easy to mount the bike.

The family bike pedals very lightly and that makes it easy for the entire family to cycle together. In addition, everyone joins in pedalling.

The four seater quadricycle meets all safety standards. It also has a number of technical aspects that give an enjoyable riding experience. For example, you can stop using the pedals at any time while it is rolling in neutral.

The four seater quadricycle is very versatile because you can also ride backwards. When you activate the brakes on the back wheels. The four seater comes to a stop immediately and the chin guard safely protects the chain.